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Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

New York Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabThe state of New York can be pricy, especially when it relates to health concerns and addiction recovery. Fortunately, there are insurance policies that can make the cost of treatment and recovery more affordable. The Blue Cross Blue Shield offers gold and silver programs to individuals who are living in New York and want to obtain coverage to pay for medical costs and the expense of rehabilitation.

Coverage in New York

The Gold and Silver plans through Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield in New York offer the coverage that an individual or family needs to help pay for most medical bills. Although the monthly premium is relatively high, the out-of-pocket expenses are limited and there is a maximum amount that an individual must pay each year.

Monthly premiums are slightly higher in a Gold plan, but the deductible is lower and the cost of medical treatment or addiction services is covered by the policy. A Silver plan is slightly less expensive on a monthly basis, but there is a higher deductible and the costs of treatments can be slightly higher, depending on the specific treatment that is required for the health of the individual. Silver plans will also cover addiction treatment and recovery services.

Paying for Rehab

Rehabilitation is an important part of addiction recovery because it provides the opportunity to avoid the substance for a set period of time. The Blue Cross Blue Shield program in New York will pay for the majority of the costs associated with rehab when the deductible has been paid. There is a 10 percent co-insurance cost that you will pay for in-patient treatment after the deductible. Out-patient treatment that extends beyond the in-patient program will also be covered by the policy.

Along with the treatments that are required for addiction recovery, the policy will help pay for any treatments that are related to personal health and co-occurring disorders that may develop. Keep in mind that there may be a co-pay that is associated with different health services, so the exact costs of treatment and recovery can vary significantly. Verify that a treatment program is eligible before starting treatment to avoid any complications or ensure that the program is in the network.

In New York, residents can apply for Blue Cross Blue Shield with the help of DrugRehab.orgInsurance is an important part of managing the costs of addiction recovery and treatment. Even though it will be necessary to pay the co-pay and co-insurance costs, it can be significantly reduced by the insurance coverage that is available. In New York, residents can apply for Blue Cross Blue Shield with the help of for a policy that is appropriate for personal goals and provides the coverage that is necessary to handle the most unexpected situations and costs that are associated with addiction recovery.

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