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Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

Nebraska Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabBlue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the leading health insurance providers in Nebraska. With nine different plans to choose from, there are policies to fit all budgets and coverage needs. Each BCBS health plan covers Nebraska drug rehab, though the coverage amounts vary by policy.

Bronze Health Plans

Most of the Nebraska health insurance plans from BCBS feature bronze coverage. Applicants can choose between traditional coverage and high-deductible health plans that offer the tax benefits of a health savings account.

Bronze HSA plans include the BlueEssentials 6325 HSA Bronze, which covers 100 percent of substance abuse treatment costs after meeting the plan deductible. Those who opt for the BlueEssentials 4750 HSA Bronze pay just a 10 percent coinsurance after meeting the calendar year deductible. Another HSA-eligible plan – the BlueEssentials 2500 HSA Bronze – features the lowest deductible of the bronze HSA health plans, but it covers inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment at just 50 percent.

Traditional bronze health plans include the BlueEssentials 5500 Bronze, which provides 80 percent coverage of covered drug rehab and substance abuse treatment services after you meet the plan’s deductible. The BlueEssentials 4500 Bronze has a lower deductible, but it covers slightly less of treatment costs at 70 percent. The BlueEssentials 3500 Bronze provides the least coverage for treatment – 50 percent – though the deductible is the lowest of the three traditional bronze health plans.

Silver and Gold Health Plans

The silver and gold Nebraska health insurance plans provide the maximum coverage for people who need treatment for substance abuse. All three of the plans – the BlueEssentials 1900 HSA Silver, BlueEssentials 2500 Silver, and BlueEssentials 1000 Gold – provide 80 percent coverage for qualified inpatient and outpatient care once you meet the plan deductible.

Find BCBS Drug Rehab Coverage in Nebraska

Let connect you with the health insurance plan that is right for you.If you are in search of an individual health insurance plan that will meet your healthcare needs, including coverage for inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment, let connect you with the health insurance plan that is right for you. With multiple BCBS plans available in Nebraska, there is a policy to fit any coverage need and budget.

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