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Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

Hawaii Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug RehabReforms and changes to health care laws can make it easier to find the right insurance for personal goals. In Hawaii, the Blue Cross Blue Shield policies offer a variety of options to help with the costs of addiction recovery and rehab programs. The policies that are available can vary significantly based on personal goals, a budget and the details of a family situation.

Programs and Options

Hawaii offers several programs and options through Blue Cross Blue Shield that make it possible to obtain personal goals when it relates to rehab and addiction recovery. The policies that are available range from Bronze policies to Platinum policies, but most individuals will benefit from the Silver or Gold plans.

Generally, Platinum policies are the most expensive on a monthly basis; however, they will cover most situations and will have the lowest out-of-pocket expenses for emergency treatments, rehab and other medical costs that may arise. A Bronze policy is less expensive on a monthly basis, but it may have a higher out-of-pocket expense due to the higher deductible and the higher percentage of the health care costs that are required.

There are several options available in Hawaii, so individuals and families can make decisions about the policies based on personal goals, needs, and the current budget.

Coverage for Rehab

In Hawaii, the Blue Cross Blue Shield policies will often cover the costs of addiction recovery and rehab up to a certain point. Usually, inpatient treatment is covered after the deductible is paid. Some policies may require that you pay a percentage of the costs associated with addiction treatment. The amount that is required after the deductible can range from 10 to 40 percent of the cost. In some cases, the cost is completely covered by the insurance.

You may be required to obtain a pre-approval or a pre-certification to show that rehab is medically necessary before you start to the program for some of the policies. A medical doctor can provide the certification that is required or you can discuss the details with a representative of the insurance provider for other forms of approval that may be required.

Recovery is possible with the right tools, programs and treatment options.The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Hawaii does offer solutions to help with addiction recovery. Since it can help with the financial aspects of treatment, it can make it easier to convince a loved one to enter a treatment program or to consider the options that are available to help with recovery. Outpatient treatment is usually covered, even after the inpatient program is completed, so there are options that can make it possible to reach long-term recovery goals and avoid substance abuse in the future. Recovery is possible with the right tools, programs and treatment options.

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