Sylacauga, AL Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Sylacauga Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

There is currently one major drug abuse information and rehabilitation facility operating in and around the Sylacauga, Alabama area. It is called the Cheaha Regional Mental Health facility, which is also commonly referred to as Caradale Lodge. It is operated by the Mental Retardation Board, Inc. and offers court ordered alcohol treatment programs that are designed with DUI and DWI offenders in mind. Additionally, ASL and other types of assistance are available for people who wish to start out on the path to a better life but may also be hearing-impaired.

Additional types of services available at the facility include outpatient counseling treatment options, residential short-term inpatient treatment options for 30 days or less and holistic rehabilitation treatment. A number of alternative treatment options are also available at the Caradale Lodge to help you begin your quest for recovery in the healthiest and most effective way possible.

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