Jasper, AL Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Jasper Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

The city of Jasper, Alabama is home to two rehab centers, which are detailed below.

Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center

The Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center is located on 7th Avenue in Jasper. This facility offers both outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment services to patients from Lamar, Marion, Fayette, Walker and Winston counties. Outpatient service locations are available in each of these counties.

Walker Recovery Center Inc.

Located on Airport Road, the Walker Recovery Center offers addiction treatment services to patients throughout north central Alabama. This facility employs a combination of treatment methods, including support groups, counseling and education. The goal of treatment is not only to address addictions, but also to help patients live healthier, more productive lives after the program has ended.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Jasper and Alabama

According to the United States Census Bureau, 4.8 million people currently live in the state of Alabama. Approximately 14,222 of these people currently live in the city of Jasper. The state of Alabama is also home to a number of people who suffer from drug and/or alcohol addictions. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 101,000 people in the state suffered from addiction to illicit drugs in 2012. Likewise, 107,000 people in Alabama faced alcohol abuse or addiction during the same year. If you live in Jasper and believe that you may be abusing alcohol or drugs, please contact one of the facilities listed above for treatment.

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