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Recovering from an addiction requires the right tools and information. In Demopolis, Alabama, there is a treatment program that offers recovery services. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that roughly 308,000 residents of Alabama abuse drugs or alcohol each year. Fortunately, residents of Demopolis have a treatment option available to help with the recovery process.

Demopolis Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

The only treatment facility in Demopolis is the West Alabama Mental Health Center. As a holistic treatment facility, it offers in-patient or residential care for individuals who need more intensive treatment options. It is a non-12 step program and it offers alternative treatment options for individuals who are trying to recover from substance abuse.

Along with the holistic treatment, an intensive out-patient program is available to provide counseling services and assistance after the initial treatment is completed or when individuals are not able to enter the residential program.

The facility accepts several forms of insurance, allows individuals to pay for treatment with cash and offers payment options. There is also a sliding scale to assist with the cost of recovery if an individual has a limited amount of funds available to pay for treatment.

About Demopolis, Alabama

Demopolis is a small town area with almost 7,300 residents, says City Data. Even though it is a small town, most of the residents live in the town and have access to modern amenities.

According to City Data, crime rates have decreased since 2001; however, the crime rate is still higher when compared to the national average. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence states that drug addiction can lead to criminal behavior. For residents of Demopolis, the availability of treatment at the West Alabama Mental Health Center may help reduce crime rates as more individuals are able to recover from addiction.

Demopolis is a small town area that is partially rural and partially urban. Despite the relatively small population, there is a treatment facility within the town that can help with recovery from addiction and encourage healthier behaviors in the future.

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