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Birmingham Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

As the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham is a place overflowing with opportunity and resources. For those seeking assistance in their road to drug abuse recovery, there's simply no better place to work miracles than "Magic City."

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Birmingham

Though a scintillating jewel on the Alabama landscape, Birmingham does have its share of drug and alcohol abuse problems.

According to, Birmingham is #7 on their Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in homes or halfway houses for drug abuse. In 2014, over 100 people in Jefferson County have died due to heroin-related overdose. Fortunately, those seeking help have many recovery centers to choose from.

Bradford Health Services

Bradford Health Services is part of a comprehensive, drug addiction network that spans the entire state. It has worked for over 30 years to help Alabama citizens to beat substance abuse and start life anew. Thanks to its impressive scale and history, it has many resources that others may not. The Birmingham location specifically offers outpatient detox and continuing care for both adults and adolescents, general family support, and more.

The Aletheia House

The Aletheia House, located in various corners of Birmingham depending on service, is organization that welcomes everyone, but is specifically geared towards low-income individuals. They take a community-based approach that values "work, discipline, responsibility, sobriety, and faith in god (or a higher power)." Their locations provide men's services, women's services, veteran's services, and employment training programs.

Fellowship House Recovery Services

Another option is Fellowship House Recovery Services. Since 1965, the Fellowship House has worked to handle substance abuse and recovery from a multi-faceted perspective. It recognizes the importance of making progress physically, socially, and vocationally, as it offers various programs that treat multiple issues. Such programs include: Co-occurring Disorders Program, Family Program, Medium Intensity Residential Program, and more.

The Oakmont Center

The Oakmont Center also uses a holistic treatment approach that focuses on a medical model. They use rational emotive therapy, Transactional Analysis, behavior modification, family therapy, and other methods to aid their patients. They also specialize in programs that help people with anger management.

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