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For patients struggling with substance abuse problems in Alabaster, Alabama, finding the right rehab is an important step towards recovery. Patients should look for a rehab that matches their personal needs and preferences, which will help them improve their chances of recovery and continued sobriety. Here is what patients in the area should consider.

Alabaster Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Facilities

Within Alabaster itself there is the popular rehab center, the Shelby County Treatment Center. This center is right at 70 Highway 31 South. This rehab center provides intensive outpatient services as well as partial hospitalization and day treatment. The center also has some holistic and alternative treatment options for those seeking treatment that does not involve a 12 step program. This makes it possible for patients to find the type of treatment philosophy that works best for them.

The center specializes in providing treatment for patients struggling with prescription drugs, heroin, crack, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, marijuana, and a variety of other substances. They offer methadone maintenance and detoxification as well as buprenorphine and suboxone treatment options.

There is also the Bradford Health Services, which has an office at 101 Aviators View Drive, Suite B, and offers adolescent and adult intensive outpatient programs and continuing care programs. They also have adult outpatient detox, general family support, 12 step meetings, and educational classes.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Alabaster and Alabama

The city of Alabaster itself has an estimated population of 31,342 in 2013. The percentages of statewide drug and alcohol abuse indicate the importance of rehab facilities in Alabaster. As a medium sized city for the state, there are likely to be a decent number of people who need help overcoming their substance abuse problems. The welcoming local culture will also bring in many people from outside the city looking to go somewhere new for their own rehab treatment.

For patients struggling to overcome their substance abuse problems, the right program can be critical for a successful recovery. Those in Alabaster, Alabama should know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are treatment options available to them. Review the above information and find the best treatment facility to begin recovery.

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