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Drug Abuse and Addiction in Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are situated off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean which puts them in a precarious position where the drug trade is concerned. They are all surrounded by water and miles of unprotected shoreline which tends to make them an open target for any drug trafficking organization that wants to take advantage of this. Most of the Virgin Islands are characterized by remote landscapes and sparse populations which is another contributing factor to the rising drug problem in the islands.

The cocaine wholesale and South American heroin markets are primarily controlled by the many Colombian drug trafficking organizations that transport these illegal substances in and out of the islands. Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Venezuelan DTO’s are relied upon by the Caribbean groups for an ongoing supply of these substances as well. These organizations will transport these substances from South America into the Virgin Islands where they are distributed and contribute to the ongoing drug problem.

Highly structured where command and control are concerned, DTO’s tend to be extremely complicated entities that produce these illegal substances and then they are transported and distributed in large quantities. These different DTO’s will vary in size. Some drugs are broken down into retail sizes while others are sized in the mid-level range. The bottom line is that these different DTO’s engage in criminal activity and violent behavior as their primary role is to create fear and intimidate people.

Virgin Islands Drug Abuse Statistics

Although the current feeling is that there is not a sufficient amount of Virgin Islands drug rehab centers to facilitate the needs of those individuals with drug related problems, professional help is available to those who need it. The following facts and statistics are based on information that has been gathered from these centers based on the recorded admissions of the clients that have enrolled in an addiction rehab program:

A key issue that law enforcement in the Virgin Islands is currently dealing with and appears to be growing is that many teens are starting to experiment with alcohol and drugs. The majority of the teens that try alcohol or drugs for the first time are typically between 12 and 20 years of age. Just as is the case in the US, aside from alcohol, marijuana is the most commonly used substance when a person in that age group first tries using substances.

Drug Threats in the U.S. Virgin Islands

According to the DEA and local law enforcement agencies, the following is information on the 5 primary drug threats in the Virgin Islands:

  1. Club Drugs – despite the fact that the availability of club drugs or “date rape” drugs as they are oftentimes referred to is limited, the problem with Ecstasy and other MDMA’s is increasing. Although Ecstasy is the popular choice where club drugs are concerned, GHB is beginning to show up along with Ketamine. However the incidences are rare.
  2. Cocaine – crack cocaine is the drug of choice in the Virgin Islands and usually sells for $20 per rock while the powder is usually sold in kilogram quantities for between $9,000 and $14,000. The purity ranges from 80% to 90% for powder cocaine while the purity of crack is usually between 85% and 95%, meaning that this is a much higher grade than what is distributed here in the US.
  3. Heroin – although it only poses a minor drug threat in the islands, ER visits for abuse or overdose are growing in number along with the number of admissions recorded at the Virgin Islands drug rehab centers that treat heroin abuse, addiction, or dependency.
  4. Marijuana – second only to crack cocaine, marijuana is the most widely distributed and used substance throughout the Virgin Islands. Many areas of the Caribbean are now seeing a rise in the growth and harvesting of locally grown marijuana. However, the majority of it that is transported into the Virgin Islands for sales and use originates from sources outside of the islands.
  5. Methamphetamine – ironically, meth is one of the primary drug threats in the US and responsible for a large percentage of admissions into addiction treatment and recovery centers throughout the country. This is not the case where the DEA and Virgin Islands drug rehab facilities are concerned as there are no current reports that indicate meth is being produced, distributed, and abused in the islands.

On a final note where the primary drug threats in the Virgin Islands are concerned, the illegal use of prescription medications is a growing concern not only of the DEA and other law enforcement agencies but the healthcare industry as well. The different Virgin Islands drug rehab centers are noticing increasing numbers of admissions into their facilities that are associated with the abuse of Demerol (morphine), Percocet, and Tylenol with codeine.

Finding A Drug Rehab Facility in Virgin Islands

Regardless of whether it is alcohol or drugs, should you or a love one know that you have a substance abuse, addiction, or dependency problem, the important thing is that you get professional help immediately. Granted, there are key reasons why many alcoholics or drug addicts do not get professional help, even when they desperately need it. All too often, deaths associated with alcohol and drug abuse happen every day, so why become a statistic when there is hope for a brighter future?

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