Profiles in Recovery
Austin F. Cooper


It’s said, “Find something you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Austin Cooper could have never predicted his life would evolve to where he is today. Before Cooper went to treatment, he had lost the will to live. In 2013, he was presented with the opportunity to go to treatment or become homeless. Fortunately, he chose treatment and “spent 22 days in a residential 12 step-based treatment program.”

Cooper explains, “Through working with others who had in their lives what I wanted in mine” he gained the “tools and mindsets” that allowed him to accomplish his goals. In 2016, he created an Instagram account (@SoberEvolution) to spread a positive message around the world in hopes on ending stigmas against addiction.

Sober Evolution has turned into a full time career including Facebook (@SoberEvolution) and his website ( Cooper is also a one-on-one development coach and works everyday toward ending stigmas surround addiction. It’s evident Austin Cooper found his purpose.

Day Job:
Personal Development Coach & Social Media Influencer

What I lost to addiction:
Through my years battling with addiction, I completely lost my willpower and motivations in life. I had left my goals and aspirations behind as I was fixated on the next drunk or the next high. I truly lost who I was.

What worked for me:
I was presented with an intervention by my family and a professional interventionist. I spent 22 days in a residential 12 step-based treatment program. However, I later found my own willpower through extensive work with personal development coaches & mentors and left the 12-step model behind as it wasn’t bringing me the development I needed in my recovery.

Best advice for newbies:
The best advice that I would have for someone who is new to recovery is to become very ‘matter of fact.’ Get in the habit of thinking before reacting. Realize the realities of the consequences due to your reactions and choose wisely. Emotions are only temporary, but the consequences due to our reactions can last a lifetime.

Advice to my younger self:
Be fearless with everything that you do. You only get one opportunity at life so work hard and reap the benefits.

Rules I live by:
No complaining. Exercise. Eat healthy. Set goals. Work each day striving towards your goals. Reach outside of your comfort zone daily. Read personal development material. Breathe deeply. Be kind to others. Always be kind to yourself. Figure out what you enjoy and go do it. Never give up!

Proudest moment:
My proudest moment came after creating @SoberEvolution on Instagram and realizing that it was helping people from all around the world.

On my bucket list:
On my bucket list, I absolutely want to figure out how to create enough income so that I can travel the world, become financially free, and work remotely. I want to inspire and help others throughout my life. I would love to write and publish a book. Of course, I want to start a family. A big goal has always been to become a professional motivational speaker. And my craziest but very real bucket list goal is to travel to space.

Favorite recovery quote:
“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. -JK Rowling (Not recovery regarding substance abuse necessarily, but recovery regarding life in general.)

When cravings come:
When cravings come, I step back and look at the facts. If I have one sip of alcohol or one use of a mind-altering substance, I have three likely options in life; jail, institutions or death. If I don’t drink or use, I have every opportunity in the world right in front of me. Then I go to the gym.

What I learned about myself:
The best thing I learned about myself, is that if I really put my mind to something and work hard at it each and every day, I can become an expert in that area and accomplish whatever it is that I want to accomplish.

SHed the Stigma:
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