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Wyoming, with all its vast and open spaces, has seen its share of casualties as heroin and other opioid drugs work their way through the community. Approximately 96 people died last year as a result of drug overdose in Wyoming (generally from opioids), according to the most recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Heroin is not confined to individuals shooting up with needles in alleys or abandoned buildings. It is a drug that people consume in their homes, in ordinary neighborhoods where all seems to be well, at least on the surface.

Heroin and other opiates and opioids can cause addiction before people realize that they have become dependent. If you think that addiction only happens with illegal drugs, keep in mind that many individuals wind up getting addicted to opioid pills that they received via legitimate prescription during recovery from an operation or a painful illness.

When patients find themselves addicted and the doctor does not continue to refill their prescription, as it should no longer be needed, they turn to street dealers to continue feeding their habit. These addicted individuals are people who didn’t count on falling victim to dangerous, addictive narcotics. Sometimes they wind up turning to crime to pay for their habit, which means they could lose their families, their jobs, their houses and more, all because of the addictive opioid that has them in its power.

What Is Heroin Abuse Like in Wyoming?

Heroin, a drug that is produced by processing opium poppies, is illegal to buy, sell, and use. Not only do you expose yourself to the criminal world when you try to buy heroin on the street, you are risking your life because the drug is not regulated or inspected like traditional medicines obtained through a prescription from a pharmacy.

The heroin could be diluted to make more money for the dealer, or it could be more powerful than you expected, potentially leading to a fatal overdose. Today, the opioid epidemic shows us that these drugs are quite often laced with other, more serious drugs, like fentanyl. Someone buying drugs to relieve their dependency will usually not know if the heroin they buy has fentanyl in it. Fentanyl added to heroin can lead to a quick overdose and death. Unfortunately, consuming potentially laced drugs is a risk that thousands of people are still willing to take.

In Wyoming, an estimated 15,000 people aged 18 and older have used heroin during the last year, according to the latest numbers collected by the U.S. government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. With so many people caught in the grips of opioid drugs and having their families ruined as a result, it’s important to get treatment and detoxification as soon as possible, before another tragedy occurs.

When you consider that approximately 26,000 individuals are estimated to have had a major depressive episode at some point in the previous year (the latest figures from SAMHSA) and that depressed people may be more prone to seeking out opioids for relief, the danger of heroin and opioids becomes quite apparent.

Detoxing From Heroin And Opioids In Wyoming

Detoxification is often the first course of business when you check into an opioid treatment center. Going through withdrawal because you are no longer ingesting heroin or other opiates can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other unpleasant symptoms. Patients sometimes alternate between cold spells and sweats until the drug is eliminated from their system.

On the other hand, you can go through detox in an assisted manner, at a slower rate, tapering you off of the illegal or prescription opioids gently, so you can focus on healing and learning about treatment protocols such as group therapy and relapse prevention education. Detoxification with help from medical professionals can cut down or eliminate the discomfort you would otherwise feel as your body rids itself of the substances keeping you addicted.

Obtaining Inpatient Treatment For Opioid Addiction In Wyoming

When you enter a treatment center that offers inpatient services, you can count on a variety of approaches to help you turn your life around. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on finding solutions to your problems and setting concrete goals that you can hold to as you avoid temptations of drug use.

In a group therapy environment, you may find it rewarding to compare experiences with other patients who have gone through a similar bout of addiction to opioids in Wyoming. Just knowing that other people are going through the same kinds of problems can help ease your load—you’re not in this alone.

Residential inpatient programs may last a month or as long as 120 days, depending on your circumstances and what the doctors have to say about your condition and your progress. Staying in an inpatient setting is very helpful because you do not have to worry about outside influences, such as old friends or coworkers who may have used the same drugs. Even going to an old neighborhood where you began taking heroin or other opioids could trigger a relapse. So staying among fellow patients who are all working toward the same goal of a drug-free life could have a significantly positive impact your rehab experience.

Outpatient Treatment In Wyoming For Opioid Addiction

Sometimes a patient will not find it possible to check into an inpatient facility, but still needs assistance getting off of drugs and staying sober. An outpatient solution can be a suitable approach. Patients receive professional counseling and therapy, learning about ways they can cope better with their environment without resorting to drug use.

Anyone who simply cannot take time off of work or can’t leave their family at the moment will be able to begin their recovery in outpatient treatment with the help of supervising medical professionals who will keep tabs on his or her progress throughout the journey.

Treating Opioid Addiction With The Assistance Of Medication In Wyoming

You may have wondered if there are any medications that can help someone who has developed an opioid habit. Wyoming is home to treatment centers that can offer you what is known as medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, which typically involves the use of buprenorphine (known also as suboxone, zubsolv) and methadone, which many people are familiar with because of local methadone clinics.

Getting Help At A Wyoming Treatment Center

With approximately 576,000 people living in Wyoming, you might be surprised to learn that this state, like every other in the U.S. is home to many individuals who are struggling with an addiction to heroin and other dangerous opioids.

The medical community has responded to this drug crisis by establishing treatment centers. All you need to do is pick one that is near to your home and that looks like a good fit for you in terms of treatment and detox services.

In Cheyenne, you can get assistance at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center East, Behavioral Health Services, where in addition to help with drug abuse, they offer mental health rehab services. This is crucial for any patients who have co-occurring disorders with their drug addiction.

Rather than engaging in group therapy, each patient here receives individual psychotherapy, and if faith is going to be an important aspect of your recovery process, you’ll appreciate that they offer Christian alcohol and drug rehab services here. Individuals are able to stay here for comprehensive, professional treatment in this residential inpatient treatment facility.

In Laramie, individuals looking to end their addiction can check in to the Ivinson Memorial Hospital’s Behavioral Health Service center, which includes residential inpatient treatment services. They focus on substance abuse and drug addiction treatment.

Upon arrival, if the team notes that you must first get rid of the remaining traces of controlled substances, you will under go drug detox. You’ll begin to turn your life around with the help of their cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, which are designed to give you a new strategy to live a life free of drugs (by setting goals and striving to solve problems).

Over in Sheridan, you will find the Volunteers of America WYSTAR Outpatient and Men Residential facility. The drug rehab offered here for men will help free you from the addiction to opioids so you can begin a new life without fear of overdosing or dying from illicit substances like heroin any longer.

You can participate in their 28- to 30-day residential inpatient drug rehabilitation program. Once you have gone through the program, you may be eligible for aftercare treatment at their halfway house, which is a stable, sober living facility.

Do You Need Help On Detox And Treatment For Opioids In Wyoming?

You can get started on building an opioid-free life when you get help from professionals with years of experience helping patients just like you to become free of an addiction to heroin or other opioids. It’s likely that you have some questions about determining the most appropriate facilities for detox and treatment. We welcome the chance to assist you and are standing by with answers. For more information on opioid treatment, please contact DrugRehab.org at your convenience.

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