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The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) recently issued some sobering facts related to Virginians and opioid use and abuse. This information noted that over 52,400 Americans died in 2015 as the result of a drug overdose with more than 33,000 of those deaths from opioids. The Virginia death rate from opioids clocked in at over 1,000 individuals during that time frame.

Most of the people who find themselves struggling with a dependence on opioids or heroin discovered that their addiction sort of crept up on them when they weren’t really paying attention. Indeed, most people who are addicted to opioids are productive members of society who have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. One of the most common ways that a person becomes addicted to opioids is through their physician due to prescriptions from injury or illness.

Opioid Addiction In Virginia

You might find it surprising to learn that many people who are addicted to opioids  (synthetic pain relievers) or opiates (like heroin) started off by being given medications by their physician. Opioids are a legal narcotic that is used extensively within the medical community as an effective method of addressing pain. OxyContin, Lortab, Percocet, Vicodin and morphine are just a few types of opioids that are often prescribed by doctors for the effective management of a range of different types of pain.

Over time, the human brain becomes accustomed to the amount of opioids that it’s being exposed to and starts becoming immune to its effects. This prompts the patient to inquire of their physician in regards to an increase in their dosage. Eventually, for one reason or another, the medical professional is no longer able to prescribe the medication. It is at this point that the addiction to opioids is pretty well established.

Heroin As An Alternative To Opioid Painkillers

People who are looking from the outside in at the drug crisis in Virginia often wonder why so many who struggle with addiction move from a legal drug (such as opioid painkillers) to one that is illegal like heroin. Though the answer is never going to be the same for one person as it is for another, there are a few key components that account for this shift. One of the key reasons is the drug’s ease of availability as well as its affordability. Unlike opioids, which are typically obtained from a physician, heroin is readily available on the streets, doesn’t require a prescription, and costs less.

Methods Of Opioid Treatment In Virginia

Because opioids cause intense cravings that can be difficult to manage when the use of the drug is stopped, a detoxification that is supervised by medical personnel is highly recommended. In many cases, medication-assisted treatment is started at this point. Medications such as suboxone or methadone are started as a method of easing the effects that stopping the drug has on the mind and the body.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient residential treatment is the preferred method of addressing an addiction to opioids or heroin. Because of these drugs’ ability to cause such problems when an individual attempts to stop using them, combining treatments such as behavioral therapy and medication assistance have been shown to be the most effective at successfully addressing this addiction. Constant care by a professional medical team in a supportive and relaxing environment provides the impetus for change.

Outpatient Treatment

The most common form of outpatient treatment for those suffering from a dependency on opioids is when a maintenance program of medication-assisted treatment is utilized. Often started to curb the side effects that can occur during detox, medication-assisted treatment often requires the use of medicines like methadone or suboxone for a certain period of time to provide the body with a gradual weaning off the opioids.

Some opioid treatment programs in Virginia start off with an inpatient component before moving to outpatient. This kind of “step down” approach is designed to ease the individual back into society gradually while providing him or her with the resources and support needed to remain free of the opioids they were dependent on.

In other cases, outpatient treatment options are available for those people who are eager to become free of the effects and control that opioids have over their lives but who are not able to commit to a stay in an inpatient facility. While this approach differs significantly from the support and resources that are available with residential programs, some options include therapy as well as the application of medication-assisted treatment.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Centers In Virginia

Life Center Of Galax

For more than 40 years, the staff at Life Center of Galax has been providing a Christian-based approach that is designed to help individuals address their addiction to opioids and other substances. With a holistic focus that treats the entire person — physically, mentally and emotionally — the Life Center of Galax offers specialty programs that address particular issues in a person’s life. As a dual-diagnosis treatment center and rehab, the Life Center of Galax helps Virginians understand and address any disorders that may be co-occurring.

Central Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers

With two locations in Virginia — Lynchburg and Roanoke — Central Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers provides medication-assisted treatment for adult men and women aged 18 and above. With a highly-skilled team of physicians, counselors, and nurses, the substance abuse program at Central Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers provides a warm, caring, and supportive environment for those who are ready to end their dependence on opioids.

Sagebrush Treatment Center

Located in Mclean in the Northern Virginia area, Sagebrush Treatment Center provides a mixture of both traditional and innovative therapies that result in a customizable residential program for adults aged 18 and above. In addition to gender-specific groups, family education, and nutritional counseling, Sagebrush Treatment Center also offers art therapy, massage, yoga, sound therapy, and more to treat the entire body.

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