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Do you live in Nebraska and are now realizing that your addiction to heroin or other dangerous opioid drugs has grown out of control? You can relax and breathe a sigh of relief when you see that there are detox and treatment programs here, tailored for all types of people, from all walks of life.

Heroin is a highly addictive and dangerous substance that is made even more dangerous when drug dealers “step on” the drug to dilute it with other materials so they can boost profits. Unfortunately for people addicted to heroin, they have no real way of knowing just how powerful or weak a particular batch might be when they purchase it on the streets.

Heroin is made by harvesting opium poppies, and opium is where we get the term for opioid drugs. If you think that opioid addiction is only possible through consuming illegal drugs, you should know that in fact, prescription painkillers are a major source of addiction too. Despite the fact that they are prescribed by your doctor and dispensed by a serious looking pharmacist, these drugs can be highly addictive and life threatening because of the potential for overdose.

An athlete who has been injured and in a great amount of pain may receive an opioid prescription, only to wind up being addicted to a legally obtained substance. When the doctor will no longer refill the prescription, such patients may resort to interacting with street dealers, who can traffic in prescribed medications as well as black market drugs that are illegal. Before they know it, people who wind up addicted could lose their job, their family and even their home.

Nebraska has seen at least 126 individuals dying from drug overdose, which most commonly are cased by heroin and other opiates. This statistic is courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also referred to as the CDC. To avoid becoming a statistic yourself or seeing a loved one perish needlessly from an opioid overdose, it’s crucial to enter a rehabilitation program, which might offer detox services too.

What Is Heroin Abuse Like in Nebraska?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA, about 3,000 people aged 18 and older in Nebraska have used heroin during the previous year.

And the number of individuals who have reported having a major depressive episode reached an estimated 77,000, according to the latest statistics maintained by SAMHSA. With so many people feeling depressed to this degree, medical professionals worry that they turn to heroin and other opioids to lower their mental pain.

Detox From Heroin and Opioids in Nebraska

Patients caught up in a serious drug addiction may need to go through detoxification (under close medical supervision.) Rather than trying to quit using the drug “cold turkey,” the patients undergo a more gentle and slower process to remove all traces of the toxins from their body.

Each patient gets a personalized detox plan, as the professionals put him or her on a drug tapering schedule.

Otherwise, they could find themselves experiencing such unpleasant conditions as constant muscle aches, alternatively sweating and having cold chills and the inability to fall asleep. It’s not uncommon for patients to vomit or just feel profound nausea until the detox is over, and these side effects can all be managed in the controlled environment of an opioid rehab and detox center.

Obtaining Inpatient Treatment for Opioid Addiction in Nebraska

To get help while you are getting off of opioid drugs, it’s often most useful to check yourself in to an inpatient treatment center. A range of treatment methods are set up to help patients from all sorts of circumstances and backgrounds. Those who do not respond favorably to individual group therapy might do better by switching to group therapy sessions so they can compare experiences with other people in a similar situation.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is often a preferred choice of people getting off of opioids in Nebraska. It focuses on quickly getting to the heart of the matter leading the patient to abusing drugs, and encourages the individual to make specific goals that will keep him or her out of future situations where drug abuse is likely to be involved.

Adventure therapy is a way of interacting with the world, where novel experiences along with the help of trained medical professionals help the patient come to terms with addiction and come up with a new attitude toward living life drug-free.

Outpatient Treatment in Nebraska for Opioid Addiction

A person who is trying to get off of opioid drugs may have a strong desire to get better but for one reason or another will not do so well in an inpatient setting.

While inpatient treatment programs are ideal because of the intense nature of recovery and the focus of staying there at the facility, away from the temptations of the world, they are not for everyone. You might have responsibilities that would keep you from staying anywhere but at home, such as duties of raising your family or because you are the sole wage earner and the household could not tolerate the lack of income.

Outpatient treatment still means that the patient will come to the facility periodically, such as for counseling, therapy and to obtain new coping skills to lead to a drug-free lifestyle. If you have the choice and can accommodate inpatient treatment, you should know that this is typically a much more valuable experience than you could have on an outpatient basis.

Treating Opioid Addiction with the Assistance of Medication

Help is available to individuals struggling with their opioid addiction in the form of medication-assisted treatment. Examples include methadone, which patients would take daily as they stay away from heroin.

Suboxone treatment (known as buprenorphine) is commonly used in Nebraska opioid treatment centers, so be sure to ask about whether this kind of medication will be appropriate for you when considering which treatment facility to enter.

It’s Time to Get Help at a Treatment Center in Nebraska

With the opioid and heroin crisis affecting alarmingly larger amounts of people in Nebraska, finding an appropriate facility for detox and treatment becomes all the more important. Nebraska has a number of treatment centers that you will want to explore for your own rehab.

In Bellevue, Journeys Program specializes in providing individual, one on one counseling for patients embarking on opioid treatment. They also offer group therapy sessions to help patients realized that they are part of a community of people who are all focused on turning their lives around and breaking free of the shackles of addiction.

What’s more, when patients are finishing their treatment and are preparing to go back into the world they left behind, Journeys Program provides them with relapse prevention therapy designed to help them make better choices, going forward, after completing a 30-day residential drug rehab program or an even longer stay, up to 120 days in the long-term inpatient rehab facility.

Over in Lincoln, patients attend Antlers, where they can participate in outpatient drug rehab and intensive outpatient drug rehab if that will be the most prudent approach as determined by the medical professionals evaluating them. But inpatient drug rehab is also available here, along with partial hospitalization as the situation warrants. Private rooms are available, and the center offers specialized drug rehab programs for gays and lesbians.

People in Omaha can get the help they need at Catholic Charities of Omaha, where a holistic residential treatment program is in place. Here, they offer therapeutic recovery from heroin and opioid addiction. If you prefer a homeopathic or other alternative treatment options, this may be just the right place for you to begin your recovery. Patients have the option to stay for 60 days to as many as 120 days in their residential, long-term inpatient drug rehab program.

Do You Need Help or Have Questions About Heroin and Opioid Detox and Treatment in Nebraska?

It should be stated in no uncertain terms that there is no shame in admitting an addiction to heroin or other opioid drugs. In fact, it can be seen as an act of courage to admit to yourself and those around you that you have a severe problem, since failure to take care of it with rehab could lead to an untimely death.

Whether you are in search of detox and treatment for opioid or heroin abuse for yourself or for a relative or friend, you can be certain that the team at is standing by with the information you need now. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about rehab as well as to assist you in finding a suitable program to get you or a family member back on the road to health. Please contact us at today.

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